Map & Industrial Zones

Yiwu locates in central of Zhejiang, 108KM south of Hang Zhou.
It has reputation for the Small Commodity Market, which enjoy the privilege of low price, large product lines, demand-oriented and high credibility. Clients are attracted by the SMALL commodity, MANY product line, FAST responsiveness and NEW products
It has 500,000 m2, total booths 26,000. divided into 5 major sites: Small Commodity, Textile, Garments, Electric Appliance and Household Products. The total sales turnover is RMB20Bilions, list in No.1 Market in past six years.
Wenzhou locates in south east costal Zhejiang, 7millions habitants.
The main industries includes Glass, Lighters, Shoes, Garments, Furniture, locks and stationary, plastics, Razors and printing Press etc. 10 sectors outputs RMB125billions, 63% of local GDP which is RMB200billions in year 2001

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