Hangzhou Zhengqiang Corporation Limited has been set up on August 12,1997 and is a manufacturer who is specialized in the production of different kinds of automobile U.Joint with area of 34000M2 including the manufacturing area of 25500 M2 and 515 employees.

Thanks for more than 800 sets of first class domestic manufacture and test equipment£¬the production procedure of forging£¬turning£¬heat treatment,grinding and assembling are all by the robotized equipment£¬which guarantees the high and stable quality of our products£®

The ability of our production is over 12.5 million pieces in 1100 different kinds of the U.Joints, also producing yokes and tripods. We have been deeply trusted by the customers because of stable quality£¬reasonable price and perfect service.Our company always make ourselves consummate and perfect , and improve the quality control system strictly in compliance with the ISO/TS16949 standard. CAD£¬CAM are widely used in our design and production system£¬which makes our production processes and management more systematized, modernization. advanced.

We also emphasize our enterprise culture by insisting on" Strive for the Best£¬Surpass the Expect, course of lectures and training course are always held in the fixed time to enhance the culture of the employees and techniques. Every year£¬we will employ new power from universities for the different position of our company in order to ensure that our company will keep on developing powerfully£®

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